One of the goal of Phenix Capital Impact Events is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Impact capital market by establishing an Impact investment community in the Netherlands and in Europe, representing the entire spectrum of the Impact investing ecosystem.  We help to shape and grow the Impact investing ecosystem by connecting investors (particularly institutional investors ) and fund managers / Impact companies.

Impact investing is the fastest growing investment strategy in Europe and a precursor to our belief that investment capital can and should address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With global leaders agreeing on a universal 2030 sustainable development agenda, it is imperative that each individual, organization, and country contribute to societal change. 

The Impact Summit Europe is an investor- and invitation-only conference that aims to catalyse private institutional capital to support the financing of the SDGs and the mainstreaming of impact and sustainable development investing.

The Impact Summit Europe does not only offer an inspiring platform for investors to share knowledge, exchange best practices and challenge each other but also creates networking opportunities in the impact investment space, thereby making the experience enriching, fruitful and educational. The summit also provides a capital introduction and match-making platform across all asset classes to impact fund managers.

Please check our  Impact Summit Europe website