Phenix Capital is an investment consultant that enables institutional investors to make impact investments

We assist institutional asset owners, such as pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, faith-based organisations, large family offices and wealth managers, in aligning their investments with their values, financial objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We envision a world in which institutional capital helps to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.


Our mission is to enable and catalyse institutional investments that realise financial, social and environmental returns.


To achieve our mission, we enable institutional investors to allocate capital to impact investments by providing the following services:


We help institutional investors to build and implement impact investing strategies.

We assist asset owners with the following services:

  • integrating impact investments into a traditional investment mandate

  • framing an impact investment policy statement

  • developing impact criteria

  • sourcing scalable impact strategies and structuring an impact portfolio

  • performing investment and impact due diligence on fund managers

  • defining impact measurement, reporting, monitoring and review processes.


We have launched impact fund database for institutional investors in Q1 2019, providing access to a comprehensive universe of sizeable impact investment funds with a clear impact proposition.

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We provide data and analytics on the institutional impact investing universe.

Phenix Capital performs ongoing research on the impact investing universe to map out the trends of asset owners and institutional investors.

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We convene curated events for institutional investors and asset owners throughout the year with the aim to build a global impact investing community. By providing an educational platform that facilitates meaningful dialogue between thought leaders and practitioners, Phenix Capital enables asset owners to share knowledge, exchange best practices and build lasting relationships. We host impact events globally, welcoming institutional investors to our summits in different parts of the world, such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, NYC, San Francisco and soon Asia.

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With a sole focus on impact investing for institutional investors around the globe, we are a first mover in this space.

Institutional investors find it hard to trace enough scalable impact investment opportunities. Despite their willingness, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals remains a challenge. Communicating with impact fund managers is complex and there seems to be a need for more transparency on reporting of the impact generated through investments.

On the other end, impact fund managers struggle to find a shared dialogue with institutional investors. Measuring and reporting on the impact of investments is costly and challenging.

We aim to tackle many such hurdles with our key competencies:

  • Team of seasoned investment professionals with a broad skill set within the institutional and impact investment space

  • Extensive network of leading institutional sustainable & impact investors built through convening, advocacy and consulting activities

  • Focus on impact investment funds which generate competitive financial market returns alongside positive impact

  • Access to proprietary database of impact investment funds ranging across all asset classes, impact themes and geographies providing market return

  • Strong partnerships with key players in the impact investment ecosystem


Listen to the institutional investing community:

Amit Bouri, CEO & co-Founder, The GIIN

Karlijn van Lierop Head of Responsible Investment and Governance MN
Hans Peter Lankes, Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development, IFC
Eva Halvarsson, Chief Executive Officer, Andra AP-fonden (AP2)
Juan Lois Manager, Impact Investments Wespath Institutional Investments
Rekha Unnithan, CFA, CIMA Senior Director, Head, Impact Investing Nuveen

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