Al Gore keynote speaker at Impact Summit Europe 2017

During the third edition of the Impact Summit Europe on March 21st, Al Gore will share his vision on sustainable investing at the Peace Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

With an Oscar winning movie, several No. 1 international bestselling books and a Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore is well known for his work on climate change. But that is only one of many projects in the life of the former U.S. Vice President.

His efforts have led to the undeniable fact that sustainable investing is the future, but today’s question is how to apply the theory in practice?

As founding partner of Generation, an independent investment management partnership, he believes in the transformative power of allocating capital to businesses that deliver positive, productive change. Generation’s approach to investing is based on an investment process that fully integrates sustainability analysis into decision-making and is focused on long-term performance. As a mission-driven organization, Generation’s vision is to see long-term oriented, sustainable investing become best practice in capital markets and sustainable capitalism become the enduring economic model. 

Gore supports the view that the responsibility not only lies with government but also with the private sector. The key is to mobilize private capital and collectively fight climate change, amongst other sustainable development goals. By doing so, investors no longer have to choose between impact and return. For the past twelve years, Generation has delivered better returns with sustainable investing than nearly every traditional fund manager.

Gore will share his views on the drivers of return in the transition to a sustainable economy.


About Impact Summit Europe
The Impact Summit Europe gathers key players of the traditional institutional investment and impact investing industry, giving them a platform to exchange best practices, share experience and discuss the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals which were set out by the United Nations in September 2015. The Impact Summit Europe is initiated and organized by Phenix Capital.

Registration is now open to investors and fund managers. Third parties will be able to register at the beginning of February 2017. More information and registration links can be found on

About Phenix Capital
Impact Summit Europe is initiated and organized by Phenix Capital. Founded in 2012, Phenix Capital is an impact investment consulting firm based in Amsterdam. The firm primarily advises and assists institutional investors with designing their impact and sustainable development investing strategy, sourcing scalable impact investment opportunities, measuring and reporting their impact and contribution to the SDGs.  Phenix Capital also connects impact fund managers with institutional investors committed to aligning their investment policy with the SDGs. We provide an all-round perspective on impact investing through our scalable impact investment database and advisory services for institutional investors and fund managers. Visit our website 


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