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Gearing Up For A Dutch National Advisory Board For Impact Investment

In order to stimulate impact investments, a worldwide movement has been developed under the leadership of the Global Steering Group (GSG): the National Advisory Board (NAB). 21 countries and the EU as a whole have adopted a National Advisory Board. NABs bring all stakeholders within the field together, and as such the knowledge and know-how of local success stories are shared to be utilised worldwide.

Is there a need for an NAB in the Netherlands? Phenix Capital, together with Social Finance NL and other investment consultants C-Change and Enclude Holding, have addressed this question involving a number of key stakeholders3. The conclusion: such need is there!

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APG and PGGM identify potential Sustainable Development Investments (SDI) across 13 UN SDGs

APG and PGGM have worked on investment strategies to boost the UN SDGs and developed taxonomies to provide ‘clear guidance on what type of investments qualify as SDIs (Sustainable Development Investments)’ and ‘kickstart the conversation about a market standard for SDIs’. Learn more about this new development in the impact investing space.

Since their inception in 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have attracted attention from investors for their potential to serve as a universal monitoring framework for measuring impact of their investments. Over the past year, there have been many developments bridging the gap between the SDGs and the mainstream investment community in Europe. Last September, Swedish pension funds AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4 and Dutch asset managers APG, PGGM, Actiam, MN and Kempen came together to show commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and put emphasis on using SDGs as a reference framework to guide investors.

The term ‘Sustainable development investments or SDI’ was coined, to represent the link between the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and tangible investment opportunities.  SDIs are investments that yield market-rate financial returns which generating a positive social and/or environmental impact.

Last December, leading Dutch financial institutions collaborated on the Dutch SDGI agenda to present their perspective on ‘Building Highways to SDG investing’. In their report, the signatories recommend priorities for maximizing ‘SDG investing’ (SDGI) – at home as well as abroad and offer concrete ways to accelerate and scale investments into the SDGs.

We at Phenix Capital welcome this move and hope it will prompt many constructive conversations within the institutional investor community to push the SDG agenda forward.

Leading Dutch financial institutions embrace United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals







Amsterdam, 6 December 2016

Last year, the UN set out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, a set of 17 highly ambitious goals relating to climate, poverty, health care, education, and other challenges. Institutional and private investment capital is critically needed to help finance the $5-7 trillion that is needed each year to finance the 2030 Agenda.


Tomorrow, 18 Dutch financial institutions, which collectively manage over €2.8 trillion in assets, will invite the Dutch government and Central Bank to continue to make a concerted effort with them in support of the SDGs. The Initiative is the first in the world to bring together national pension funds, insurance firms, and banks around a shared SDG investment agenda. Board representatives of the Signatories will present their call for further cooperation and collective action to Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, at the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)’s conference in front of over 700 investors.


The consortium believes that it is not only of societal importance, but also in the interest of their investors and business relations, to consider the largest social and environmental challenges of our time in their work and investments. In their report ‘Building Highways to SDG Investing’, its signatories recommend priorities for maximizing ‘SDG investing’ (SDGI) – at home as well as abroad.


The SDGI agenda is a result of a six-month consultation process with more than 70 fellow investors, government representatives, and expert practitioners. In their report the signatories offer concrete ways in which to accelerate and scale investing in the SDGs. Further conversations will take place over the course of December, including a cross-sectoral stakeholder consultation at the Dutch Central Bank on the 14th of December.


The Signatories look forward to collectively build Dutch ‘SDG investment highways’ in the years ahead. Per Herman Mulder, co-facilitator of the SDGI Agenda: “In today’s tumultuous world, public-private action is ever more important as a driver for positive change. The 2030 Agenda offers not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to collectively do well by doing good.”  



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