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Peter Borgdorff

Director, Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW)

Peter J.C. Borgdorff has spent most of his career in the world of the social partners. He was secretary of the Christian employers’ association in the baking industry [Bond van Christelijke Ondernemers in het Bakkersbedrijf], in which capacity he was also secretary of the employers’ consultative body. Following this, he worked for six years at joint industrial organizations responsible for innovation, quality assurance, training and collective promotion in the bakery sector. He subsequently switched over to the trade union movement, where he supervised the merger of two unions, the VHP and De Unie. In 2002 Borgdorff took up his appointment as Director of VB, the Dutch Association of Industry-wide Pension Funds. At December 1st 2007 Borgdorff joined the executive office of the industry-wide fund for the Dutch health care and social work sector (PFZW).

He is also chairman of the supervisory board of KAS BANK. Borgdorff is executive lecturer at Nyenrode Business University and member of the supervisory board of Nibud.