With a sole focus on impact investing for institutional investors around the globe, we are a first mover in this space

Institutional investors find it hard to trace enough scalable impact investment opportunities. Despite their willingness, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals remains a challenge. Communicating with impact fund managers is complex and there seems to be a need for more transparency on reporting of the impact generated through investments,

On the other end, impact fund managers struggle to find a shared dialogue with institutional investors. Measuring and reporting on the impact of investments is costly and challenging.

We aim to tackle many such hurdles with our key competencies:

  • Team of seasoned investment professionals with a broad skill set within the institutional and impact investment space

  • Extensive network of leading institutional sustainable & impact investors built through convening, advocacy and consulting activities

  • Focus on impact investment funds which generate competitive financial market returns alongside positive impact

  • Access to proprietary database of impact investment funds ranging across all asset classes, impact themes and geographies providing market return

  • Strong partnerships with key players in the impact investment ecosystem